Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs) are now a vital tool for the marine industry and have proved their worth many times over in terms of cost savings and safety.

Moray First Marine operates 2 Inspection Class ROVs and a 3rd Mini ROV.

The benefits of these smaller ROV’s are

  • Lower Cost – No cranes, lifting equipment or containers of equipment required.
  • Can be deployed from almost anywhere 240v power is available.
  • Capable of diving to 300m.

By choosing Moray First Marine for your ROV requirements you will benefit from our many years’ experience in ROV operations. We also provide a complete service including vessel.

That depth of experience has often proved invaluable to clients. 

Our experience includes..

  • Turbine / Met mast inspections
  • Underwater cleaning
  • Mooring Inspections
  • Search & Recovery
  • Harbour Surveys
  • Diver support
  • Hull & propeller Inspections
  • Film Production
  • Aquaculture inspections
  • Seabed surveys
  • Download our ROV portfolio

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We can offer fast mobilisation anywhere in Scotland and our ROV’s can be operated in salt or fresh water from a wide range of platforms, such as a beach, harbour wall, canal bank, jetty or from almost any vessel, including our own. 

Our services provide clients with high quality, detailed reports incorporating video and imagery along with important positional data

If you would like to know more about our ROV services for Survey work or Search & Recovery please contact us for a chat about your particular requirements. 

When it comes to ROV’s, remember

  1. Experience counts!
  2. Big is not always better!
  3. The results are what matter!