Our Boats

We currently operate 3 high spec’ and extremely versatile vessels that have proved immensely useful to clients.

Our boats have comfortable seating, heating, toilet & washing facilities. We also supply your staff with hot drinks and, depending on the length of the trip, hot food.

While being safe and having the necessary skills and experience are obviously pre-requisites for a quality Marine Contractor, there’s no need to make a long day at sea miserable for the lack of a simple cup of tea! We go the extra mile to look after our clients and passengers!

Because we don’t specialise in just one role (such as crew transfer), we’re able to handle a wide range of projects. 

The positive results we deliver to our clients is borne out by the amount of repeat business we enjoy.

Talk to us today about your requirements; you might be surprised by what we can do!

Waterfall - 16m Aluminium Catamaran

She is licensed for 12 passengers and 3 Crew up to 60 miles off shore and is available for charter anywhere within the MCA limits.

She can carry 6t of cargo; has a substantial crane  and has bow fendering for crew transfers.

For survey work she has two “through hull” moon pools. The large lower wheelhouse has individual sprung seating for 12 which can quickly be reconfigured for survey desks.

She also has mess area, galley and WC / shower. With 4 crew bunks, she’s capable of 24-hour operations.

Her raised upper bridge also provides an excellent platform from which to conduct mammal surveys in comfort.

She has an impressive range of navigation and safety equipment.

Coral Wind 14m Gemini Fast Catamaran

Coral Wind is licensed for 12 passengers and 2 Crew up to 60 miles offshore and is available for charter anywhere within the MCA limits.

She has an impressive deck space with 750kg crane, a 750kg A-Frame and winch or capstan.

This boat is especially in demand for survey work due to her stability in the water, easy access to the water and the central moon pool.

She has a large wheelhouse with dedicated area for survey equipment and technicians as well as mess area, WC, shower and galley and 13KVA generator. She has crew Transfer facilities.

She also boasts an impressive range of navigation and safety equipment.


Ocean Enterprise - 14m Aluminium Catamaran

Ocean Explorer is our most recent acquisition. She has a different role to Waterfall & Coral Wind in that she is capable of lifting some respectable weight and handling some awkward cargo.

She has a retractable rear deck so is capable of lifting a heavy mooring from directly above, thus providing maximum stability. The crane is tested to 1.5t @ 7m. Her winch is rated to 10t.  She can also load a container on deck.

Full details will be available for download soon, but please call us if you need some information now!

Work boats in Harbour
Ocean Enterprise showing her impressive beam alongside Waterfall in Buckie