Moray First Marine is a Specialist Marine Contractor with an unrivalled experience working alongside Universities and other research bodies on a variety of marine research projects. We are THE leading ROV operator in the Moray Firth and the North East of Scotland.

Moray First Marine is a quality marine contractor. We have been serving clients in Scotland and beyond for over 20 years and our main areas of specialisation are:-

  • Marine survey, including Environmental, Benthic, Multi-beam, ROV, Bird/Mammal, Debris, UXO, Marine growth, Cathodic protection surveys.
  • Marine Research projects working with Universities and Research bodies.
  • ROV surveys and recovery of dropped objects from the seabed.

Our capability is completed by Waterfall. A versatile 16m Catamaran from which we deliver the quality service our clients have come to expect.

We are the leading provider of ROV Services in the North East of Scotland and our pilots have years of experience.

We operate 2 Inspection class ROVs, and a mini ROV. ROVs offer improved Safety, Speed and Lower Costs than when compared to commercial diving.

Our ROV’s are used for Inspections, surveys and scientific projects. We also provide Search & Recovery using ROVs. To-date we have recovered over 1100 items from the sea bed!

The Outland ROV with a section of rubber fender from a CTV recovered from the sea bed. The section is bigger & heavier than the ROV.

Marine Surveys form an important aspect of our work and we have long experience of working with both survey companies and for end clients.

We have a survey department that enables the company to deliver Side Scan Surveys and Multi Beam Echo Sounder (MBES) surveys and we use our own vessel rather than relying on a sub-contractor.

Delivering the results we have a highly experienced surveyor, based in Aberdeenshire, with over 25 years of experience in offshore survey work for the Oil & Gas and Renewables Industries.

YOUR project always has OUR our full attention.

Customers tell us we go that extra mile!

We enjoy a significant amount of repeat business from past clients.

Our aim is to deliver your project with professionalism and Attention to Detail.

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