Moray First Marine is a commercial work boat operator and THE leading ROV operator in the Moray Firth and the North East of Scotland.

Our versatile Work Boats are capable of a variety of work including surveys, cargo or crew transfers.

Sea Bed Surveys form a significant part of our work. Our vessel, Coral Wind,  is a well know survey boat, equipped with Moon Pool and up-rated GPS navigation systems.

Our ROV’s are used for Inspections, surveys and scientific projects. We also provide Search & Recovery using ROVs. To-date we have recovered over 1100 items from the sea bed!

We have experience of commercial diving and can support Commercial Diving Operations.

We are THE leading provider of ROV Services in the North East of Scotland. Our pilots have years of experience.

We operate 2 Inspection class ROVs, and a mini ROV. ROVs offer improved Safety, Speed and Lower Costs than when compared to commercial diving.

The Outland ROV with a section of rubber fender from a CTV recovered from the sea bed. The section is bigger & heavier than the ROV.
ROV inspecting an underwater structure with a Video recording

We always give your project our full attention. We have a reputation for delivering a service that goes the extra mile! 

The principal benefits we offer clients in the North East of Scotland are:-

Local Base = Fast Response + Lower Mobilisation costs.

If your project is in the Moray Firth, it makes sense to use a local company who’s been working in these waters for years. There have been many occasions when our “Local Knowledge” has saved the day for a client!