Moray First Marine - Work Boat & ROV Specialist

The only dedicated work boat and ROV Specialist in the Moray Firth. We have extensive experience in the provision of Seabed Equipment Search & Recovery, ROV Surveys, Dive Support, & Crew Transfer.

Welcome to Moray First Marine. The only dedicated marine contractor in the Moray Firth who operates work boats and ROVs. 

We have a solid track record, spanning 20 years, delivering superb results for clients involved with the Offshore Renewable Energy sector, the Oil & Gas Industry and, of course, the local companies and harbour authorities with whom we’ve worked over the years.

Of course, our high specification boats are versatile and comfortable and they enable our experienced crews to deliver the quality service our clients have come to expect from us.

Our unique selling point is that being a local company we have a wealth of experience and knowledge about the Moray Firth and a proven track record of successfully handling a wide variety of work. This ranges from simple crew transfers to complex scientific projects. From survey work to supporting divers and larger vessels. 

Our “local knowledge” and experience has proved invaluable for clients over the years.

If you combine this local knowledge with our honest, transparent costs together with the way we work closely with you, to fully understand your needs, you can understand why we enjoy a fantastic amount of repeat business from our clients.

Inspection Class ROV's

However, we do more than just operate work boats; We have sub-sea capability.

Bill Ruck, the MD of Moray Marine, has over 25 years experience in the ROV industry and today we operate 3 ROVs.

These easily portable “Inspection Class” ROVs are ideal for video inspection but can also be fitted with any number of attachments depending on the task, some of which have been developed in-house by ourselves.

Lost Valentine Tank
These ROVs can handle a wide variety of jobs ranging from surveys and inspections on many different types of sub-sea structures to being amazingly useful at finding and recovering all sorts of items dropped on the sea-bed.
We’ve recovered all sorts of dropped objects over the years including hundreds of scientific research moorings, clump weights, cars, scaffold poles, even whole gantry structures.
This picture shows the ghostly image of one of the Valentine Tanks that sank off Burghead during the D-Day rehearsals
For projects in the North East of Scotland what are the benefits of using Moray First Marine?
Ideal position covering the North East of Scotland

Location, Location, Location

Short transit times to all parts of the Moray Firth.

Significant savings on mobilisation charge when operating from Buckie.

Significant cost savings and easier to mobilise to other North East ports compared to hiring vessels from further afield.

No accommodation costs – we employ local crews

Access to local support services – Our local knowledge has often saved the day!

The benefits of using the Local supply chain can translate into significant cost savings. 

However, all the cost savings in the world count for absolutely nothing if  we did not have the proven capability to deliver your project competently and safely.

We believe that it is our Proven capability; Our Proven experience and our Proven ability which should make Moray First Marine your First Choice when looking for a company to help you bring your project to a successful conclusion.

Whatever the size of your project, we’d love to talk to you and we can make one promise now – No Hype or false claims.

Call us today 

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